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Ice Cream Sundae Baseball Helmets

Our Products

We have all (30) Major League Baseball teams available.  You can also buy a complete set of all (30) teams.  Blank helmets can be purchased in several different colors.

Our Story

 I was born and raised a little north of Cincinnati.  As a kid I loved the Big Red Machine teams of the 1970's and was really into collecting baseball cards.  In the mid 1980's, sports cards started getting publicity as an investment.  I got into the card business and began setting up at local card shows.  In 1991 I decided to open a booth  at Trader's World Flea Market in Monroe, Ohio.  I had more room than I needed for my cards so I expanded into pennants, posters, flags, and sundae helmets.  

     Around 1999, I starting selling sundae helmets on  ebay and was contacted by several ice cream shops and Italian ice vendors looking for helmets.  It took longer than it should have for me  to realize that I needed a website.  In 2008 I launched

     Obviously, you sell a product to make money, but I really enjoy selling  sundae helmets because I like them.  The combination of baseball, ice  cream, and childhood makes me smile.  I also like being a small part of  the customers big events.  My sundae helmets have been used at birthday  parties, graduation parties, Bar Mitzvahs, showers, and weddings.  

      You really never know who might place an order.  One very memorable one was from ESPN.  Being a big sports fan, I had to call to see what  they were using the helmets for.  They were using them in the cafeteria  to celebrate the start of the baseball season.

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